Historical Interpretations is probably the largest supplier of historical school activity days in Yorkshire and Humberside, and have been re-creating history in schools since the early 1990’s.

Primarily we teach in primary schools, but we have given historical and craft demonstrations for Time Team, universities, English Heritage, the Forestry Commission, local authorities and museums including the Jorvik Viking Centre, the Yorkshire Museum and the Royal Armouries.

Pupils have access to various ways of learning - hands on history. They handle the everyday artefacts of the period, and learn how they were used. Activities such as indoor and outdoor games, music, dance and crafts, help the pupils understanding of the period. There are lots of different modules for each period; no two days have to be the same.

We use archaeology as a way of accessing history, using artefacts to bring the past to life. These are of museum quality, authentic, really do work, and are used by pupils in handling sessions to connect to the past. The collection is constantly being reviewed, improved and updated. Our background is in reconstruction archaeology. John is a Research Fellow for the University of Kent in Canterbury.

Feedback consistently scores our artefacts as 100% excellent.
- John and Catherine Conyard